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"Who´s afraid of Hugo Wolf " at Taiwan International Festival of Arts

Das Schauspielhaus Zürich ist mit dem Stück "Wer hat Angst vor Hugo Wolf?" von Regisseur Herbert Fritsch nach Taiwan International Festival of Arts eingeladen. Am 17. und 18. März wird das Stück in Taipei aufgeführt.

"A rotating stage, a piano, and three pieces of plates in the colors of red, yellow and blue construct the minimalistic and surrealistic stage with a brightly colorful visual style, seemingly paying homage to American abstract expressionist Barnett Newman’s renowned series, “Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue.” Accompanied with expressions and physical movements in line with rhythms and tempos as well as the perfect coordination of music and songs, actors and actresses in exaggerating and colorful costumes contribute to shaping this visual music theater that is playful, crazy, yet glamorous."

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